Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Winter's still got a grip

As the Jayhawks were making their comeback against Memphis last night the erie orange glow came over Bozeman as another snow squawl moved into town. The flakes were wet and coming down at a moderate pace, slightly covering the grass and making the streets wet. As I turned out the lights and shut off the boob tube the flakes were still falling but there was not much accumulation on grass in the yard and it had been snowing for a couple of hours. However when I woke up this morning we were greeted with about 7 inches of heavy wet snow. I had planned to take my boat back out to the barn at my folks house but I got caught up running around town and never made it out to the house. I guess that is why it probably snowed so much and now I will have to let it sit in the sun and turn to water.

The good news is that we are continuing to get great moisture and after checking the Bridger Bowl snow report this morning they have had another 11 inches of snow from this storm, which is on top of the 20 inches they recieved on Saturday night. For the year they have had 392 inches of cold smoke and have settled base depth of 119 inches. They also have extended the season by one week and I am sure that they could remain open through April with the snow they have right now, but the Forest Circus only permits them so many days and then they have to sut down operations. It has been a good snow year and I am looking forward to a great summer of fishing and hopefully I don't have to use my swift water rescue skills to often while I am out on the rivers this summer.

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Fly Fish Chick said...

will be awfully cool to see what the summer holds in MT this year...I'm getting excited

your site looks great! love the tagline